Don’t Fight the Fed


Weapon of Choice? Will there be QE3?  Will the Fed wait until stocks and the economy collapse before stepping in?  Is the Fed out of weapons?  Many in the mainstream media believe the Fed is out of options and we are stuck in neutral or worse yet – on a “sinking ship”.  Yet if you […]

When God Closes a Door

when one door closes 1

God is always in control Sometimes in our day to day battles, we forget to acknowledge that God is ALWAYS in control.  Nothing ever takes Him for surprise. Imagine God saying, “WOW! I never saw that one coming!”.  It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Yet, this is often what we assume happened when things don’t quite […]

Where are the jobs?


Where’s the jobs? Wendy’s used to ask “where’s the beef?”  This week I ask, “where’s the jobs?”  Like you, I’m not seeing them! This past week, after the jobs report, I was amazed at how few jobs were created in June… With trillions of dollars that have been poured into the markets, how could we […]

Small Fees Add Up Big Time!


So much fine print goes unread Few people realize how significantly 401(k) account fees can impact their retirement savings efforts. AARP recently conducted a poll of 401(k) participants and the results were eye-opening: 71% incorrectly assumed that they paid no account fees at all, and another 6% said they were entirely clueless about the matter. […]

Can the U.S. Solve Its Debt Problems?


Can pigs fly? When we look at the U.S. debt situation, the  word “hopeless” often comes to mind, even if you are quite the optimist. Though no situation is ever truly hopeless when we serve a sovereign God, we still need to be realistic. Faith is a great thing when it is placed in the right hands.  Take God, for example.  Trusting in Him is […]