Faith-Based Investor Radio: The Heart of Faith-Based Investing

What does it mean to be a faith-based investor?

On Today’s Show:

Jay takes a look at how you can you make a difference with your money.  He looks at the heart of faith-based investing and what it means to incorporate your faith into the investment process.  Jay also takes a look at one of his most successful investment strategies – the Dueling Duo portfolio which consists of momentum based stocks.  As always Jay shed light on the current markets and economy showing you how you can make money in this market.

Jay Peroni CFP - The Faith Based Investor

Your Host: Jay Peroni, CFP

(Certified Financial Planner, Best-Selling Author)

Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner and investment advisor with 16 years of money management experience. He is a public speaker, and is the author of The Faith-Based Millionaire. He is a leading authority on the subject of Faith-Based Investing.


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